Design Tukey’s Control Chart and mix with CUSUM Control Chart


  • Kawa M. Jamal Rashid Asst Prof. Department of Statistics and Informatics, College of Administration and Economics, University of Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region, Iraq. Author



X-Chart, CUSUM chart, Tukey’s Control Chart, ARL curve


Statistical process control is a collection of valuable tools for detecting alteration in a process. It has wide application in many areas field and other fields where variation is being monitored. The variation may be a natural cause variation or a particular cause variation. Statistical process control deals with the monitoring process to detect disturbances in the process. These disturbances may be from the process mean or variance. This study proposes efficient charts for detecting early shifts in dispersion parameters by applying the Fast Initial Response feature. We propose and compare the performance of different cumulative sum (CUSUM)control charts for phase II monitoring of location based on mean and median. The (CUSUM) control chart, which is a method of data analysis based on John Tukey's principles control chart (TCC), is used to compare the proposed charts with their existing counterparts is used to evaluate new charts to existing charts using performance measures such as average run length, the standard deviation of run length, additional quadratic loss, relative average run length, and performance comparison . The proposed charts detect early shifts in the process dispersion faster and have better overall. This article is a similar effort to design an improved charting structure in the form of mixed or using Tukey -CUSUM chart together, to show the process control chart., and drawing the Average Run Length ARL value.


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