Iterative method improving Newton's method with higher order


  • Shno Othman Ahmed Computer Department, College of Sciences, University of Salahaddin, Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq. Author



Iterative Methods, Convergence Order, Newton-method, nonlinear equations, Numerical Examples


In the present article, we have constructed and looked at improving two- and three-step iterative methods to locate simple roots of non-linear equations. It appears that the three-step iterative method converges to the eighth order. The whole aim of this research is to derive and present a new modified iterative method of higher order and to obtain less iteration than the classical Newton method for solving nonlinear equations of simple roots. The present technique has to evaluate three functions and two first derivatives in each iteration. The advantage of the proposed method has been observed to have at least better performance effective and more stability by comparing with the other methods for the same or less than order. Also, noted that our method gives better results in terms of the number of iterations. To demonstrate the efficacy and popularity, different numerical illustrations are provided for the recommended techniques.


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