In regard to the directive number (7/19/14673) issued by the presidency office in (19/12/2018), the journal board announced that the journal publication will be changed to Semiannual publication; every June and December it will be published.

Journal of Zankoy Sulaimani - Part A - For Pure and Applied Science

A Scientific Journal Issued by the University of Sulaimani

Sulaimani- Kurdistan Region - Iraq

   ISSN: 2521-4853 (Online)

ISSN: 1812-4100 (Print)

                    DOI: https://doi.org/10.17656/18124100

                    URL: http://jzs.univsul.edu.iq/

This is Journal of Zankoy Sulaimani-A (JZS-A), a professional periodical which was established in March 1997 and will be published across the Iraqi Kurdistan Region by University of Sulaimani.


Journal of Zankoy Sulaimani-A (JZS-A) is intended for theoretical and applied papers in all fields of science in English language.Journal of Zankoy Sulaimani-A (JZS-A) will accept the following kinds of papers: original research papers, important innovations, developing previous works, reviews based on critical analysis, technical notes and case report. All the published papers can be browsed on our website (jzs.univsul.edu.iq).


Journal of Zankoy Sulaimani-A (JZS-A) is dedicated to establish the best platform, on which domestic scholars’ achievements or innovations can be widely acknowledged, and on which international exchange can be facilitated timely. We consider it our destination to promote advancement of science and technology.


Articles are published both in print and online.

JZS has been indexed by several world class databases, such as:

1.EyeSource– International Society of Universal Research in Sciences.


2. ResearchBib


3. Academia.edu


4. Global Impact Factor


5. CiteFactor


6. Google Scholar


7.  International Scientific Indexing (ISI)


8.  CrossRef


9.  I2OR




  1. Paper must be empirical or theoretical contributions without being published previously;
  2. All other scholars’ words or remarks as well as their origins must be indicated if quoted;
  3. Key words should be prerequisite;
  4. Paper should not exceed ten pages;
  5. Patterns or forms should conform to the standard listed on our website;
  6. Online submission is strongly recommended, Submit your manuscript as an attachment file (must be .doc or .docx) to jzs-a@univsul.edu.iq 


Do not hesitate to contribute to Journal of Zankoy Sulaimani-A (JZS-A).

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